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   Download Latest WhatsApp Plus [Whatsapp+] Cracked  - What is a WhatsApp Plus? WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of the official WhatsApp. Yng feels very prominent difference is in tampilanya. If the regular WhatsApp icon on statusbar color green, then here you can choose your favorite color, not only that, your application icons can also be changed just like the icon, or it could be different. For more details, let's look at the following review:

Download WhatsApp Plus V4.95 Update 5.05 Free

Download WhatsApp Plus V4.95 Update 5.05 Cracked Free

   WhatsApp Plus is a modification of the already famous software, this is WhatsApp. Changes in the WhatsApp Plus There is the view, You can change the look of your WhatsAppPlus background on the upper. The color can you makes be degradation. So it would look more attractive again. In addition, you can also change your view on the bubble conversation. The choice on the menu converence. You can also send the file to a larger size, reaching 16mb. It was a bit of a review about this WhatsApp +. But there is nothing new from WhatsApp + is, what it is let us consider the following.

What's New On This WhatsApp Plus :

  • Hangouts emojis added too. Check 4th tab (car) only visible among WhatsApp+ users.
  • From now dedicated server for updates, will improve both themes and updates behaviour.
  • Fixed WhatsApp+ bug causing sometimes not responding.
  • Minor bugs Fixed.

  WhatsApp + can be downloaded directly from the link. Go directly to where the download. Click the following link Download WhatsApp Plus V4.95 Update 5.05 The link is from mediafire.

 Good luck..
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