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    Download Blackberry Messenger [BBM] For Gingerbread ArmV6/ArmV7 - Blackberry Messenger [ BBM ] For Gingerbread ArmV6/ArmV7 - which in the end waiting for the 2.3.7 version of android users have emerged . BBM Ginger Bread . For users wanting to try ginger What used BBM , now is the time . Eventually will be officially launched , BBM for Gingerbread . Not only that , it also allows the ARMv6 version now can also try this BBM .

Download Blackberry Messenger [BBM] For Gingerbread

Blackberry Messenger [BBM] For Gingerbread

  This version is still in beta , but do not worry, the beta version still work on android Ginger . The official version will most likely be launched in february this . Just wait for him. Because it while waiting for the arrival , no harm in trying the beta version . Later when the official version exists, you already have your BBM contacts .

Well then , let's go ahead and download the software BBM for Gingerbread , come in here ,

Good luck BBM for Ginger . And thanks for stopping by to read my article . :-)
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