How to install AutoText in Smartkeyboard Pro

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   How to install AutoText in Smartkeyboard Pro - After Smart Keyboad Pro DOWNLOADED, please installed in your Android. 
  Open Applications, Smart Keyboard Pro >> settings >> stain Smart Keyboard Pro >> Settings Smart Keyboard Pro Select Backup Settings >> Backup to SD card 
 if there is a warning, select OK, if Backup failure is not a problem, because its function is only to me appear smartkeyboard folder only.

How to install AutoText in Smartkeyboard Pro

How to install AutoText in Smartkeyboard Pro

 Then get out and open the My Files application (My Files) or Rootexplorer, find a place where we put files For example: you download through the Android Open your Downloads folder and there will be no file. If you download via the laptop / PC to Android please send your Long press the file and select move (Move) or cut (CUT), then search smartkeyboardpro ​​folder, open it and select move here (PASTE). 
 Then exit and reopen the application Smart Keyboard Pro >> settings >> Smart Keyboard Pro Settings >> Backup Settings >> Restore from SD card.
 Completed To adjust the settings can be done in the AutoText Menu Text Prediction. if my settings: 

  • Auto Capitalization (stain) 
  •  Show sugestion (stain) 
  •  Space after picking (stain) 
  •  Always sugest (stain) 
  •  T9 length priority (stain) others I did not stain, but please berexperiman own. 
To replace the keyboard skin can be done in the General Settings menu. To see that we have installed AutoText remained in Text Prediction >> Custom AutoText How to Enable Smart Keyboard Pro open place to write, for example, go to >> messaging, long press on writing columns >> select Input methods now >> select Smart Keyboad Pro Done .. 

How to install AutoText in Smartkeyboard Pro

Congratulations Using Smart Keyboard Pro + Autotext .

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