How To Change Icon Menu IOS (All Generate)

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How To Change Icon Menu IOS

How To Change Icon Menu IOS (All Generate) - This time I will make sebuak article on how to replace your ios icon on the menu , which might be the Jailbreaker already been made ​​, let's get on with it , here's scarcity :

  1. Make sure the device already dijailbreak  
  2. Open cydia , make sure to connect the internet  
  3. Just look Iconmaker , download and install 
  4. Open icon maker , and create the desired icon through photo library 
  5. And select Generate icon ( make sure the installed iFile )  
  6. Open iFile / var / mobile / library / iconmaker , there will be visible icon that has been created anada 
  7. First backup device through itunes , just in case if you like the look as before without having to restore DFU 
  8. Make sure the size of icons and icon name to be the same as the original icon  
  9. Safer go through a PC or Mac ( if installed iPhone Folder ) 
  10. First save icon created earlier in computer
  11. Make sure the size is the same , can be edited through Photoshop , ACDSee , Microsoft Picture Editor or application that allows you (do not deify on the application ) 
  12. After all is finished , copy and paste the icon that was made earlier example that would replace the SMS icon , open (using iFile or iPhone folder on the computer ) look for the air- ekstensi.PNG and delete then replace and copy and paste the icon that was made earlier in the phone - application messages , reboot or restart ( not respring )

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