All About Windows Eight [ Compulsory You Know ]

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All About Windows Eight [ Compulsory You Know ]

All About Windows Eight - Are current computer or laptop with the operating system Microsoft Windows 8? And if you're not to awesome with it. Well, for the best experience, then you should use the tips and tricks you need to know before using the Windows 8 operating system as the mainstay.

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  • hotkey / keyboard shortcut If you are using Windows 8, it will be easier, you know the shortcuts / shortcuts used. For example: - To return to the Home screen by pressing the Windows key. - + E to open Windows Explorer to quickly access the folder button. - Windows + Tab to open the program that is running Touche. - Windows key + Q to open the search menu. And other shortcuts that can be learned by self. The large display == 
  •  On the home page that is visually stunning display, large and colorful. Make display models tempilan initial applications in the most interesting operating system. Categorizing your application == 
  • Classification of several applications in a folder on the home screen. This is to clarify your view is not cluttered and easy to find. Folder that has been created can also call at your convenience. Applications closing == 
  •  To run an application with the Windows operating system where you just need to find the (x) Close button to close time, although sometimes hard to find. But there is a shortcut that makes it easy and it requires a great power with. Only by pressing Alt + F4, the application will be closed on the screen. Privacy Settings == 
  •  Many applications use a very personal database information. So you should not just believe, and modify the contents of privacy required. To change the settings, press the Windows key + I then go to the PC settings, select the setting option personaliasasi privasy and your personal data there. Without == 
  • Login Username or Password To speed up the logon process, you must disable the user login and password. They do this by opening the Run window (Windows key + R) and type "netplwiz" for access. Uncheck the box at the top that says "Users must enter a user name and password." PC Refresh == 
  •  If the device is a Windows 8 system, you feel a little slow, it may be time for an update. To update, please go to Settings, and then click Edit Settings tab near the bottom PC. Select the General tab and find the "Refresh your PC without the file" (also "remove everything and reinstall Windows", you can factory settings) near the center. Safe mode == Safe Mode is a great way to get into the system if the device is still in use, but want to stay. Especially if your device is like hybrid P3 Acer Aspire Ultrabook, safe mode is the key to reactivate not take long to get it. Put a click == 
  •  Windows 8 hides the main powers in the settings, so often force you, then off again the settings menu. How to create a shortcut on the desktop to create the power off. Right click ==, 
  • then point to New, and then select Shortcut. Type "shutdown / s / t 0" (without the quotes, and yes, it is a zero instead of "O") to hold the item, then tap Next. Now the name of the shortcut ("Shutdown" prefereably), then press Finish. Right-click the shortcut and go to properties. Change icon in the Shortcut tab, and then click OK. Right-click on the shortcut and select pin to start. To place icons on the home screen. By clicking above, stop using the computer

All About Windows Eight

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