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Download Baidu PC Faster Free - just share apps for your pc.. the name off apps is Baidu pc Faster. Baidu is a fast PC optimization and security applications (optimization and security) of Baidu's shop , which is well established and registered in Hainan developed district - Beijing. Baidu faster PC jepoměrně arsenal for maintenance , monitoring the performance of the Windows operating system is running. Currently, Baidu PC is faster than beta - although the evidence on my computer at work, the result is very satisfactory.

Baidu function faster PC First . investigation With this function you can use to diagnose . Simple problems in your computer in one click Baidu to maximize Faster PC. The performance of the computer , when you click on the "Quick Care" , your PC faster optimize all aspects windows. operating system . day win Baidu Faster PC can help " fill the gaps " in Windows to the update / patch Windows install recommendations are important . Hmmm ... Unfortunately, my computer , this function may not work properly - all the patches can not be recommended in download.
cleaner Did you know that sometimes unnecessary files ( junk files ) generated for the operating system or the software in the stable manager, or computer in the form of logs , temporary files , etc.. In addition, most applications or registry entry are therefore not useful to add . Unnecessary files and registry entries accumulate and gradually fill up the disk - but it is not . Cleaner Cleaner function can clean junk files quickly and help your efisien.Fitur unnecessary files from your computer "clean" and invalid registry entries on the computer - will result in a smoother running and prevent collapse / faster depends . Faster from my observations , the possibility of a gap in the PC Baidu is not in the position to clean up junk files and invalid registry entries CCleaner.
acceleration Characteristic speed optimized startup parameters and optimize the parameters of the Internet . The overall performance of your computer Your computer faster - so do not expect when komputer.
Cloud Security Cloud Security is able to detect viruses, malware or quickly Baidu PC pomocívestavěného RV and property Avira scan engine in combination with a cloud - . Based scanner. The calculation results are very good and scanning are also quite fast . Unfortunately antivirus Baidu aka PC quickly in real time by the user can only be done ( on - demand ) . Other safety features Baidu PC is faster than USB PC Guard , which help to remove the device safely USB.
faster . toolbox It contains many options for fine-tuning tool Windows.
and improve internal systems. App Store Baidu offers faster PC app store / download embedded software functions. You can download the software , which are almost all easy to download and install freeware.Kesimpulan In short , I found that the software is in Hong Kong this - because the possibilities are enough to make your computer's performance , in general , the memory is not "light" and not much CPU or required to finish - ideal for computers with a spec media. The user interface is very intuitive, modern and friendly.

 Above all, this software for free !  happy fun ..:)

Download Baidu PC Faster Free

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